The LPG includes very detailed reporting functions to help validate the results. On this page you can look at the results of the predefined households.


For all the frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

Because usability is low on the list of priorities when developing academic software, this might be needed. This tutorial explains how to perform your first simulation.

Calculating large number of houses

This section introduces the new functions for calculting settlements in version 8.6

Tutorial for customizing a household

This tutoral shows you how to customize a household.

List of the command line options

The LPG has a command line interface for easy automatization. This page contains the list of all the options.


A lot of papers have used or referenced the LPG. This page contains a few.


The LPG is and will remain free. Read the license here.

Other Sources

This page contains a few links to other sources. If you have anything more, please email me.


To give a better impression about how the LPG works, this page contains screenshots of the entire program.

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact me.