The LoadProfileGenerator is a tool for MS Windows to generate load profiles for households for electricity, gas, hot water and cold water. It is developed by Noah Pflugradt. It generates CSV-files in a customizable time resolution which can be used for the simulation of energy systems of all kinds.

It works internally by simulating the behavior of the occupants based on a desire model. This means the people of the household will act depending on their current desires, select an activity, for example “go to work”, “sleep”, “watch TV” and the program will log the appropriate energy use.

This is first and foremost a research project for my PhD and still under development. It’s been tested, but beware! There might be bugs lurking in the depths of the program. If you find any, please email me.

System requirements:

  • A reasonable fast computer
  • At least 2GB of free memory
  • At least a couple of gigabyte worth of free hard disk space for the data and temporary files.

Changes v5.1

Changes: Fixed a bug that made the LPG write a debugging file to e:\ instead of the correct directory.

Changes v5.0

Changes: Fixed a bug that caused the wrong date to be displayed in some of the reports.

Changes v4.9

Changes: Fixed a crash when trying to run a calculation while invalid device actions are stored in the database. Fixed a bug that automatically created new device actions even when they were not want

Changes v4.8

Changes: Added a new conversion factor view in the transformation devices. Fixed a deeply embarassing mistake in the conversion factors for the hot water creation transformation devices. The factors

Changes v4.7

Changes: Bugfixes both in the UI and the backend. Improved the command line interface some more. Fixed the charts.

Changes v4.6

Changes: Moved to .NET 4.5 Improved the settlement generation from templates by adding more options Lots of small bugfixes A lot of improvements to the command line interface, especially for the para

Changes v4.5

Changes: Improved the settlement generation Bugfixes New switch for the command line interface to turn settlements into batch files Lots of work on the command line interface to enable parallel calcu

Changes v4.4

Changes: Eliminated all the depracated households. Renamed the “Triggers” to “Variables”, which makes a lot more sense Switched all households over to variable-controlled dishwashing, laundry, drying

Changes v4.3

Starting with v4.3 the main task is now improving the predefined households. Therefore the following request for help: Please help improve the LPG by increasing the data basis. Two things would help

Changes v4.2

Changes: Small bugfixes in the Device Selection First step in improving the affordance triggers to be able to actually deal with laundry, dirty dishes and dryers.


This program is provided free of charge, without any warranties explicit or implied whatsoever. Feel free to use it for whatever you like. Use it academically or commerically. It’s up to you. Please d

How does it work?

The LoadProfileGenerator (LPG) creates load profiles based on a behaviour simulation of the people in a household. This means that the program tries to figure out what people are doing at each point i

What is the history of the program?

It was developed at TU Chemnitz during a project. Then the funding ran out and all applications for new projects using this program were denied. After it became obvious that there would not be any fur

How does the Heating Model work?

The model is a very simple degree day model, because building simulation is not the focus of the LPG. The model only spreads a given total energy consumption over a time period. It does not calculate

Which households should I use?

The normal households (starting with Hxx) are the old households. They mostly work ok, but some of them need improvement. Only use them after checking the results. The combined households (starting wi

Whats the idea behind the warm water calculation?

Different domestic hot water creation methods have different temperatures. For example typical gas fired water heaters tend to work at around 60°C, while heat pumps are working at lower temperatures.

Changes v4.1

Lots of bugfixes and small UI improvements Finished converting all households to combined households. All normal households are now depracated. Finished the household templates and the settlement tem

Changes v4.0

Worked on the settlement templates some more Improved the existing combined households a little (some were missing for example vacuuming) Fixed the locations across everything. Earlier a lot of activ