What is the LoadProfileGenerator?
What can it do?

  • The LPG is a modelling tool for residential energy consumption
  • It performs a full behaviour simulation of the people in a household and uses that to generate load curves.
  • It has various for Germany households predefined.
  • It generates CSV files for the import into other simulation software.
  • Additionally it generates a ton of different reports to help with modelling.
  • The focus is the individual household. It is possible to evalute larger populations, but this will require significant work.

What is the LoadProfileGenerator NOT?

  • The LPG does not provide any load curves for commercial buildings yet.
  • The LPG does not provide any load curves for offices yet.
  • It is not well suited to simulate populations above about a 1000 people.
  • It does not include electromobility.

From the blog

See the latest news here:

Version 6.0

on January 18, 2017

Changes Fixed a bug where having a dot (“.”) in a household name or household plan name would cause errors Fixed a bug that meant changes in the settings were only applied after restarts. Fixed a lot of bugs in the importer that had been there since 5.3. Now it should be possible to import things from V5.2 and earlier again and things should work right away.

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Version 5.9

on December 17, 2016

Changes Introduced an export mode to export a modular household definition to a CSV file. Introduced an import mode to import the previously exported household definition again by using “Simulationengine.exe –ImportHouseholdDefinition “ The idea is to make it easier and quicker to manually created different households, for example if you want to evaluate the load profile after the kids move out.

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Version 5.8

on December 16, 2016

Changes to the Webpage Updated all the PDFs on the webpage Added precalculated sample profiles for each household Added a short tutorial on how to customize a household Changes to the LPG Fixed some errors in the PDFs Removed the “None” loadtype from being included in the PDFs Added an option for the carpet plot column width for the action carpet plots and energy carpet plots Added a command line option to list the load type priorities Added a new field to make it easier to get rid of templated items Cleaned up the development menu and added safety warnings Made it much quicker to delete a large number of households.

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Version 5.7

on December 13, 2016

Changes: Fixed a bug where import files were not being created when the device profile generation was not also selected.

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